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how do you use essential oils?

It's easy. There are 3 main ways to use them. You really can't screw it up.

You can use essential oils aromatically and topically. doTERRA essential oils (and only doTERRA), can also be used internally.

essential oils will change your life

They changed mine.

When I was first introduced to essential oils I had no idea what they were or how they worked. Today we reach for them first whenever anything happens in our home, as well as just daily preventative health and wellness. So how did we do it? It didn't happen overnight. We started slowly and made little changes every day. And you can do it too. Read more about the journey of me and my family in the ABOUT section of this website. Then CONTACT ME to start your own doTERRA journey today.


We say to put an oil on you is to put an oil in you. Our skin is our largest organ so anything we put on it gets into our bloodstream. This is why we need to be so choosy in our products. An essential oil can service every cell in our body within 20 minutes. When dealing with acute symptoms such as sore muscles, we apply the oils direct to the affected area; using a carrier oil such as a Fractionated Coconut Oil for sensitive skin and small children and babies. Anything else we can apply to the bottom of the feet. The bottom of the feet is the most common place as it has the largest pores. An oil applied to the bottom of the feet can get into the bloodstream within 30 seconds. An average dose for an adult is 1-3 drops, a child is 1 drop and a baby is a half drop (simply placing your finger over the top of the bottle and tilting it.)


This is as simple as opening the bottle and breathing in the aromatic compounds. You can also do this by placing a drop of oil in the palm of your hand, rubbing your hands together, cupping your hands and bringing them to your nose & mouth to breathe in. Finally, you can diffuse essential oils. This means simply putting them into a diffuser specially made for essential oils (doTERRA makes 3 amazing diffusers) and then allowing them to be dispersed into the air. This not only can affect all moods and emotions of a room, but it cleans the air as well by removing all pathogens and microbes; killing bacteria & viruses.

how will you incorporate essential oils in your life?

CONTACT ME today for your FREE wellness consultation. During this 30 minute session we will discuss your top three health goals and concerns to find the right oil protocol for you to help achieve your goals. Or LEARN more about how to use essential oils.


This is specific to doTERRA. ONLY ingest doTERRA essential oils. They are the only oils approved to take internally. You can take them internally by adding a few drops to water, putting them inside an empty vegetable capsule, or applying them directly under the tongue. When drinking them in water be sure to use a glass or stainless steel because the oils are cleansing and detoxifying they will begin to clean any plastic, paper or styrofoam and break it down. Why would we take oils internally? We would take them internally to address specific internal needs. Adding citrus oils to our water daily can be a major health benefit helping with glutathione levels, improving mood, immunity boost and more.